OS/8 editors

Johnny Billquist bqt at softjar.se
Tue Jun 22 15:54:26 CDT 2010

David Gesswein <djg at pdp8online.com> wrote:

>> >  I'm very much interested in both of those.  Can I talk you into making
>> >them available?
>> >
> I have a copy of vista here
> http://www.pdp8online.com/pdp8cgi/os8_html?act=dir;fn=images/os8/dewar-editor.rk05;sort=name
> In a search I found this
> http://vandermark.ch/pdp8/local/Sources/read_dir.php?f=Other/new-22-vista-2.1981.pxg
> It appears to be the vista editor source. The actual vista source seems to 
> be in the empty at the end if its complete. I haven't tried to build it. Has
> modules for a couple different terminals.

I have the sources for VISTA as well. However, it is written in PAGE8, 
which is another assembler for the PDP-8. I also happen to have PAGE8, 
so I should make all of that available, when I have time and access to 
my PDP8 systems.

I also have the VISTA manual, but I think I might only have it in paper 
form, so I guess I should try and scan that at some point as well...

And yes, I'll try to upload my EMACS-clone as well. Just give me time... :-)


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