photos from VCF UK etc

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Jun 23 12:47:01 CDT 2010

> On 22/06/10 19:48, Tony Duell wrote:
> > Oh no, Something much more hackish than that..
> A Glider from Conway's "Game of Life" ?

Close, you've got the right 'game'.

It's actually a Gosper glider gun in one of its 30 states :-).

It relates both to my love or things hackish and to particle physics 
(particle physcisists bang particles together and see what happens, life 
enthusiasts bang gliders togther and see what happens, so in a sense the 
glider gun is an analogue of a particle acceleerator..)

> Interestingly, that's my standard test for graphics display libraries; 
> an implementation of Life tends to take up little memory, which is good 
> for embedded platforms. Once I get the framebuffer working and prove 
> that put_pixel() works, Life comes pretty close behind :)

I have wondered for a long time if you could program an I2S iamge 
processor/displayu (the one with the transform sequencer board) to play 
life. When I figure out how to write microcode for that system (the one 
thing that's missing from the manuals I have), I will give it a go.


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