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>> Many school systems in the US dumped whatever IIgs stock they had left a 
>> few
>> years back (at that time you could not give them away). You can still 
>> find
>> them here but now you have to pay a little (or a lot depending on 
>> add-ons).
> Yeah, I got several that way and was able to assemble them into a working
> system. Now my IIgs has a Transwarp, RAM expansion and AE HD. It's a very
> nice system.

They are ok. I have ROM 3 with Transwarp, Apple SCSI card, and an 8MB RAM 
card in one of mine. The most expensive part was the SCSI card that I paid 
$50 shipped for a few years back. The rest I found in systems I snagged for 
a few bucks, or as the case for the RAM card for free because I was told it 
was dead (just needed corrosion on one of the board fingers cleaned). I 
would think that setup would run in the hundreds on ebay. While GS/OS is ok 
to play with, even with the Transwarp and all that RAM (some of which is 
setup as a RAM disk) it doesn't feel that fast to me. Still playing the IIgs 
version of Arkanoid is fun, and being able to network directly with a mac to 
transfer files makes GS/OS useful.

As far as shipping them to the UK, it might have been worth it before USPS 
got rid of surface mail. Now that everything is airmail only it would be 
very expensive to ship a whole system overseas,  maybe not that bad for the 
system case only.

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