Commodore 1520 Plotter

geoffrey oltmans oltmansg at
Mon Mar 1 14:23:22 CST 2010

I could be wrong about this, but if I'm not mistaken, the pens used in the Commodore plotter are the same as those used in the Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-2 Printer/Plotter. Not sure if that makes them any easier to find though. :)

From: Tony Duell <ard at>
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Sent: Mon, March 1, 2010 1:29:05 PM
Subject: Re: Commodore 1520 Plotter

> Have you tried injecting more ink into one?
> Howzbout cutting down a regular ballpoint refill, and sealing the cut end?

These pens have an integral; metal body which has to be the right size to 
fit into the carraige mechansim of the plotter. 4 pens fit into a thing a 
bit like the chambers of a revolver (as in the pistol) and the pen-down 
mechanism presses on the back end of each pen. So the diameter and length 

I haev pletny of dead ones here (I never throw anything like that 
away...). Sometime I will dismantle a few (the first ones probably 
destrctively until I can see what bits I need to save, etc) and see if 
it's possble to refill them or use them to make holders for other 
cut-donw pens.


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