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On 05/03/2010 14:28, Bill Sudbrink wrote:

> So, it looks like I have a lot less to do with this machine than
> I thought.  I do want to convert the unit back to NTSC and I
> have not tested the serial or cassette ports though.

It looks like you have a good machine :-)

The serial and cassette ports are pretty reliable.  You might want to 
tweak the PLL setting for the cassette; it's described in the Tech 
Manual, but isn't often needed.  I found with both of mine, and a 
variety of cassette recorders, that an attenuator was useful -- that's 
just a voltage divider made up of two resistors and built in to one of 
the plugs.  Again, there's an example in the Tech Manual.

> Anyway, I'm going to do some cosmetics next.  The keyboard is
> filthy, so a disassembly and wash is in order.

You should be able to remove the keytops easily by pulling them straight 
up, preferably with a keytop puller.  My favoured system is then to drop 
them in a small bucket with a little floor cleaner (=low foam detergent) 
in warm water and swish them about a bit; I drain them off and wipe them 
with a cloth with a very small amount of furniture polish.  When I'm 
feeling lazier, I put them in a pillowcase, give a /short/ spray of 
polish (while they're still wet), tie up the top, and drop them in the 
tumble drier on a cool setting (often with other household articles).

The keys themselves are of the sprung gold-plated type similar to some 
DEC VT-series terminals, and they're good quality.  A small paintbrush 
and a vacuum cleaner will remove any debris from around them, and the 
most you'd want to do with the contacts is blow some canned air in (not 
too violently) to dislodge any dust.

> Next, most of the
> perforated metal ventilation panels have fallen out.  I have them
> all.  It looks like they were glued in place with hot-melt glue.
> Is that how they were originally attached?

If it wasn't actually hot-melt glue, it was obviously something very 

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