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Roy J. Tellason, Sr. rtellason at
Sun Mar 14 15:22:34 CDT 2010

Got a few here that might be of interest to folks on the list:

-- Fundamentals of COBOL Programming (1968, 1973)
-- Programs for Electronic Circuit Design (1986), Radio Shack
-- How to Build A Working Digital Computer (1969) Hayden
-- Writing BASIC Adventure Programs for the TRS-80 (1982) Tab

These (along with a couple hundred others) I have listed on Amazon,  but feel 
free to contact me off-list and let me know if you'd like any of them.  I'd 
like to cover shipping costs,  and "a little extra" and get them into the 
hands of somebody that wants them.

Oh,  and I still have that IBM binder mentioned in an earlier post -- got 
three replies,  wrote three responses to 'em,  and so far nobody has gotten 
back to me yet to answer "What do you care to offer for it",  I'm not just 
gonna eat the postage,  etc. :-)

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