Old Equipment for sale, PDP8 and S100, with manuals

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Mon Mar 15 04:56:21 CDT 2010

where are you?

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> Hi Guys: 
> Just thought I would drop a line and let everyone know that I have some old 
> computer equipment for sale (might even be free to a good home) as listed 
> below: 
> 1. PDP8A system, with programming front panel. Comes with PDP8/A Field 
> Drawings Manual, and I believe it has an A/D peripheral. 
> 2. Somewhere, (I haven't seen them for years) I have a pretty extensive 
> library of PDP8/I manuals on Microfiche. This includes the 32K Disk 
> Subsystem, Hi Speed Paper Tape reader, PDP8/I Math enhancement, Dectape 
> System, etc. Used to have the paper copies, but they were 
> too bulky so I paid to have them put on Microfiche (which was quite pricey 
> as I recall). 
> If anyone is interested, I'll try to come up with more info, including a 
> complete list of the manuals on fiche, and a list of the boards installed in 
> the 8/A. 
> I also have some old modems, including one from an ASR33 TTY, and a 1200 
> Baud commercial modem from the early 80's. In addition, I have a 
> couple of old S-100 System enclosures with backplanes and power supplies, 
> along with a whole box of S-100 boards including 8085 CPU, memory, 
> A/D, comm cards, and various I/O. Even some manuals to go with... 
> My name is Darrell, and you can contact me at 1MetalGuru(at)gmail.com 

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