Booting a VAXstation

Geoffrey Reed geoffr at
Mon Mar 15 22:18:58 CDT 2010

On 3/15/10 12:07 PM, "Sridhar Ayengar" <ploopster at> wrote:

> Ian King wrote:
>> I have found such CD-ROM drives to be both plentiful and cheap at local
>> second-hand stores.  Since they won't work with a PC, they have 'no'
>> value....
> There are many many PC-compatible CD-ROMs that also talk 512-byte
> sectors.  There might be some in your/his pile already.
>> I have installed the core of VMS and booted from a small-ish drive, but you
>> rapidly run out of space.  -- Ian
> Is it possible to boot VMS in a small partition in the beginning of a
> disk and have another partition elsewhere?  I've never had cause to try
> this, since I have a giant pile of 500-1000MB disks lying around.
> Peace...  Sridhar

Toshiba SCSI cd-roms have jumpers that can be cut to set it to 512 byte
blocks, and plextor SCSI cd-rom drives have a jumper for doing so.

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