slashdotted - home built turing machine

Ben bfranchuk at
Sat Mar 27 19:44:42 CDT 2010

Tony Duell wrote:

> If I was doing it, I'd use a RAM to hold a lookup table (say 64K, with
> the 16 address lines being the 8 bits of the current state and the 8 bits
> of the character from the 'tape'), Output from the RAM is the next state
> number (8 bits), character to write (8 bits), whether to wite the
> character to the 'tape', incremebnt/decrement 'tape postion'. Then an 8
> bit latch to store the current state, a large RAM and address counter to
> simulate the 'tape' and a small amount of control logic.

  I think BYTE had a version like that, when they where not a PC review
magizine. Still that type of machine is better 'visible' machine than 
you would use day to day. Any kind of memory was the problem back then, 
not computing logic.

> -tony

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