Using vintage computers in the classroom

Michael Black blackmd at
Sun Mar 28 15:27:56 CDT 2010

Hello cctech community,

I am a computer science professor and an avid collector and restorer
of old computers, which I routinely use in my classes.  (I am also a
long-time lurker on cctech, but haven't posted much yet, I'm afraid.)
I am interested in chatting with other professors and teachers who use
working demonstrations of vintage technology in their classes.  I am
aware of many cases where professors have taught courses on computer
history, used pictures and simulations of vintage computers, or took
students on field trips to computer museums.  However, I am
particularly interested in examples where professors bring actual
working vintage equipment into the classroom (like a pdp-11 or a
teletype machine) and tried to teach their students to operate it.
Has anybody on this list tried it or know of people who do it?

Michael Black

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