Northstar Horizon boot disks

Chris Elmquist chrise at
Mon Mar 29 07:26:15 CDT 2010

On Monday (03/29/2010 at 06:12AM -0500), Dave Dunfield wrote:
> You might check with the Heathkit H8 guys - It's been a while since I have
> monitored that list, but I know that a couple of times in the past someone
> on that list has organized a bulk order of 5.25" HS disks.
> You could also program a little microcontroller to time the index
> pulses and "fake" the sector pulses, thereby allowing the use of
> much-more-common soft-sector disks - A few people have done this
> over the years, and I think at one point someone was offering a
> little board to do it.

Yes...  We did this for the H8/H89 10-hole, hard-sector floppies on the
H-17/H-88-1 controller.  I put an AVR microcontroller on a little board
that synthesizes the index holes and uses 3.5" floppies.

It's all written up here,

look for the "HSFE" Hard Sector Floppy Emulator


Chris Elmquist

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