Epson QX-10 available for shipping (somewhere in the USA)

F.J. Kraan fjkraan at
Wed Mar 31 10:48:48 CDT 2010

This owner wants to donate an Epson QX-10 to an interested collector:

> HI!
> My e-mail address is pb38sage at 
> <mailto:pb38sage at>.  I am writing this on a friends 
> computer, so please reply to my address.
> I have a QX-10 Epson computer and all of the original software plus 
> other software I purchased for it, Epson Lifeboat users magazines, etc. 
> I hate to dump them at the recycle center if they are of any value to 
> anyone.  I would be willing to send for the cost of shipping (and 
> might even be willing to send anyhow).
> I just can't bare to throw this all in the trash.
> Pauline Braymen
> pb38sage at <mailto:pb38sage at>
> Yes, my computer still works.

Fred Jan Kraan

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