Bill's PDP-11/34A

Bill Degnan billdeg at
Wed Nov 3 12:19:40 CDT 2010

> > I have never seen that mounting frame for the front panel, but perhaps
> > it's related to your "DEC DataSystem" cover panel.
>    I've seen that sort of frame a couple of times; they were used in 
> (possibly among other things) embedded applications.  It's been a long 
> time but I think I saw them in big GenRad board testers.
> > Here's a photo I found googling around for "DEC Datasystem"
> >
> >
>    Hey, that looks just like the rack my 11/70 is in.

That could explain the original purpose of the 11/34 in my possession, the 
rack that the system came in has a DEC DataSystem panel:


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