DiscFerret: First working hardware, firmware and microcode!

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Wed Nov 3 18:55:55 CDT 2010

On 3 Nov 2010 at 16:37, Fred Cisin wrote:

> >    * SA1000, ST412, or ST506-interface Winchester hard drives (with
> > adapter board). So that'll be basically all the 20-year-old heavy
> > iron that doesn't have a DEC sticker on it :)
> 25 years, maybe.
> 20 years would have to include "RLL" and ESDI  (RLL has same cabling
> as ST412, but different encoding and data-rates? , ESDI cabling looks
> the same but has signal differences)

Doesn't SMD also fall within the 20 year boundary?

Drivetec/Kodak high-density drives?

The number of formats out there and the encoding thereof are quite 
numerous.  Just ask one of your friends with a Brother word processor 
that uses 240K 3.5" floppies...

If you can accept Catweasel-type snapshots taken at 28MHz, I can 
shove you a few of the more interesting ones.


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