Fragility in the floppy world (was Re: TRS-80 Model II Manuals)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at
Wed Nov 3 21:25:28 CDT 2010

Reminds me of when I was in college and a friend had his diskette 
library for his C64
under his "college cheap" folding card table.... he spilled milk while 
eating cereal and
being "college lazy" didn't bother with it right away.....

What he didn't realize is that there was a hole in the table... and it 
was right above
his precious C64 software library.....

Diskettes and milk.... breakfast of nobody !

He thought all was lost.... I had him buy new floppies, I opened the 
jackets of all
of them, cleaned each disk, sacrificed one new floppy and one at a time we
reduplicated the entire library.  Nothing lost.

I still have those 40+ disks (minus the jackets) somewhere :-)

-- Curt

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 2 Nov 2010 at 17:25, Ethan Dicks wrote:
>> That's the tried-and-true way of reading a diskette that's had Coke
>> spilled on it.  After the world switched to 3.5" floppies, doing these
>> sorts of things (mostly) faded into the mists.
> Years ago, my little group using an Intel MDS-800 finished up a 
> compiler project way ahead of schedule.  Management was so impressed 
> that they had T-shirts printed up and threw us a party, complete with 
> (really cheap) champagne. (I still have the T-shirt, but it doesn't 
> fit me anymore.)
> We had the source code 8" floppies on a little shrine sort of display 
> so better to appreciate what we'd done.  And no, we didn't have a 
> master backup of the thing, although we might have been able to 
> recreate it with bits from various people's private copies.
> About a half-hour into the shindig, someone knocked a full glass of 
> bubbly onto the floppies and thoroughly saturated them.  Very sticky 
> stuff.
> We removed the cookies from their jackets, took them to the men's 
> lav, washed them in the sink and wiped them dry with paper towels 
> right out of the dispenser and stuck the floppies into new jackets.  
> No harm done.
> It was THEN that we made a set of backups...
> SSSD floppies were TOUGH.  To the best of my recollection, they were 
> brown-box Dysans.
> --Chuck

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