DEC H9504 'double hi-boy' cabinet parts

adam at adam at
Thu Nov 4 04:16:40 CDT 2010

Good morning / afternoon / evening people.

For long enough now my PDP 11/70 (decdatasystem 570) has sat around
without the side panels ('skins') or the lower front cover (the long,
usually blue panel with the air vents).

Can anybody assist with clothing this magnificent beast? I ask now because
I _had_ a 11/60 cabinet for this purpose reserved with a dealer, but they
scrapped it a few weeks ago (just when I wanted to collect it).
I'm in the UK by the way before people read too far. In the north
actually, but am very willing to travel for the right bits. Cash waiting,
if thats what you want.

According to the 11/60 document MP00166 (the 11/60 in this case being
housed in the same H9504 high-boy corporate cabinet), the part numbers are
as follows:

Side skins: H9504-CA
Front cover: H9504-Rx (x denotes the colour / logo config but I'm not
bothered... it can be resprayed)

If somebody had the whole cabinet, I have a trailer!!
The side panels can also be found on many expansion cabinets / tape
systems (for example they are used on my TS11) and, by the looks of it,
early VAX.

I'd be very appreciative if anybody can help me out. Condition is really
unimportant as I have a paint sprayshop handy.

Thanks in advance!


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