Early Fairchild Sentry scrapped, early TTL IC's worth preserving ?

William Donzelli wdonzelli at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 17:35:31 CDT 2010

> The remains ( mostly just the PCB's ) from an early Fairchild Sentry test
> system were junked today.
> The PCB's are brimming with early ( 1974 datacodes ) Fairchild TTL ic's. (
> (9xxx and 93xx )
> Also ECL of course, but I don't do that !
> Any worth looking for, in particular w.r.t. to keeping old PDP's running ?

Very few TTL chips are actually rare, so the boards are probably more
important whole than as parts. MECL III parts (MC16xx) are getting a
little scarce, however. MECL I and II are getting very scarce, but by
1974 they were obsolete and out of fashion.

There is a very small community of test equipment collectors out there
that might want these.


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