Terak 8510/c Info?

Josh Dersch derschjo at mail.msu.edu
Fri Nov 5 20:18:39 CDT 2010

Hi all -

Just got myself a Terak 8510/c workstation, in pretty decent shape.  I'm 
going over it, and preparing to power it up (after testing the power 
supply).  Anyone know any details about this particular model?  (And 
what technical differences there are between the /a and the /c?)  There 
appears to be a good amount of information about the 8510/a, but I can't 
find a thing about the /c variant.  The /c appears to be considerably 
newer (mine dates from around 1982 and is branded Calcomp on the front), 
seems to have replaced the single internal 8" drive with two half height 
8" drives, and the keyboard and monitor are completely different.

A service manual would be extremely helpful -- a few of the 
double-height QBus cards came loose during shipping and were banging 
around and I'm not sure yet what the order is supposed to be (I guess 
I'll have to figure out whether the backplane is serpentine or not... 
shouldn't be too hard) and it'd be useful to know what the power supply 
pinouts are so I can test the voltages.

And while I'm at it -- has anyone archived any Terak floppies?  There's 
nothing on Bitsavers and I can't find anything anywhere else.  Be nice 
to have some software to run on this thing after I get it running again :).

Thanks as always,

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