Advin PILOT-142 programmer sw?

Chris Elmquist chrise at
Mon Nov 8 13:07:49 CST 2010

I was recently given an Advin Systems PILOT-142 device programmer... but
of course no software with it.

I downloaded Advin's Captain v1.34 software for XP from their website,
where they claim support for the model -142 but after installing and
launching the software, it reports that it does not work with the
"revision" of my programmer.

There are no revision or series marks on the unit other than the PILOT-142
sticker above the power switch... so I don't know what makes it different.

Email to Advin says they have NO software that supports the -142 even
if their website says otherwise.

In any case, I'm looking for anyone that might have DOS or Win software
for this older beast.  It would be a nice unit for burning 2716, 2732
and a number of old PALs that I would like to do.


Chris Elmquist

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