DiscFerret - REVISED PRICES (was DiscFerret PCBs for sale)

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Thu Nov 11 01:53:59 CST 2010

On 10/11/10 18:09, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Cost is £45 per board, plus shipping (which is likely to be very
> little). This does not include any parts, just the bare board, a printed
> component layout, a copy of the Bill of Materials and a copy of the
> Service Note which covers the track cut and resistor.

ARGH. I screwed this up big-time -- I was looking at the prices based on 
the first production batch, not my revised spreadsheet. D'oh!

These are the actual prices, including rough US-dollar equivalents

   Bare board:                                  £22.50 ($37)
   With TPS75003 mounted:                       £27.50 ($45)
   With PIC mounted:                            £27.50 ($45)
   With both mounted:                           £31.50 ($51)
   PCB + assembled & tested PSU:                £45    ($72)
   PCB + tested PSU + PIC soldered/programmed:  £49    ($79)

I'll sell either a 0I06 (prototype) or 0J28 (rev-2) board at the same 
price, specify your preference at time of ordering or I'll just pick one 
at random out of the box :)

Differences between the boards are:
   - Solder plating: 0I06 boards are hot-air levelled lead-free (or 
appear to be); 0J28 boards are immersion silver. 0J28 board plating 
oxidises quicker, but is more compatible with lead-based solder 
(especially if you're using silver-loaded SnPb solder).
   - 0I06 boards need the track-cut and resistor. 0J28 boards need a 
wire jumper installing due to a power plane issue.

Ordering is the same -- email me, let me know what you want, I'll send 
you a price including P&P.

classiccmp at philpem.me.uk

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