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> So what is our option? I have seen SCSI to IDE adapters around, but they go
> up into the $100's to $200's, say you have a minimum 10 machines, that
> leaves you somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 total, before the disk or
> devices. If we could design a simple SCSI to IDE interface, we could be set
> for a good long while on storage for these devices for a decent amount of
> time. There are all sorts of adapters to IDE, there is CF to IDE, SD to
> IDE,
> SD to CF which could be placed in a CF to IDE adapter if need be, i'm sure
> one could also rig up a USB drive to SCSI if one tried, but I could be
> wrong.
I have previously proposed here a SCSI-to-SD interface; I've only done
preliminary brainstorming on it, but think it should not be too hard.  The
SD card interface is very simple, both from a logic and electrical point of
view: if you don't care much about speed it can be done with SPI. (the speed
should be sufficient to keep up with 68k Mac, Amiga and Atari)  All logic
can probably be done in a single AVR or even PIC chip, if you run that at
3.3V, the only additional hardware is the SCSI level shifters.

I do not know enough about low-level SCSI to start designing this yet, and
since I gave away my Amiga 3000 and classic Macs my interest in this project
has all but disappeared... still it'd be kinda fun, I think.

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