Best use of a PDP-11/45 *EVER*

Alexandre Souza - Listas pu1bzz.listas at
Tue Nov 30 11:15:12 CST 2010

> I've got an Octane I have no use for - I'm keeping the absurdly huge 
> monitor it came with though. :)  If anyone in Washington State wants it, 
> they're welcome to it!  Comes with boot media, dev tools, etc.  Even has 
> an external SCSI floppy drive.

    Gene, since octanes are so common in USA, would you mind parting with 
two little black squares that I miss a lot and wouldn't make your octane 
unusable? :o) What video board you have? Do you have the (optional) TRAM 
modules on that? ;oD I'd LOVE to get a pair of tram modules for my octane :) 
:) :) 

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