Compaq luggable, what next?

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Oct 8 13:22:12 CDT 2010

> Some weird blinking cursor on power on=2C then a 1701 error=2C and it hits =
> the floppy disk.
> Aha=2C its already got a Hardcard inside!

IIRC, 1701 is a hard disk problem.

> I open it up=2C and I feel no mechanical motion or hear any sound=2C the dr=
> ive does feel warm=2C so darn it=2C its locked up.

I assume the drive spindle is not accesible outside the HDA. If it is, 
try giving it a tweak (but don;t blame me if it rips the heads off ;-))

> And the connector is proprietary=2C takes the flex straight to the drive.  =
> I see electronics that look like a data separator=2C some tweakable caps=2C=
>  so the HardcardPlus boards are not even MFM type interfaces.

Where is this data separator (on which end of the interface cable? With 
an ST412 MFM set-up, I'd expect the data separator to be on the 
controller board. The drive really is dumb... 

> Next problem=2C this is the keytronics capacitive keyboard=2C and it has th=
> e foam rot problem=2C I have some dead keys.  I read you can use double sid=
> ed foam tape=2C stick the Mylar circles on it and fix these keyboards.

I've seen those 'contacts' on E-bay....

If it's just the foam, then yes you can mend them with bfoam tape. But 
I've seen one Keytronics keyboard where the foam was fine but the 
metalisation had disapperaed. I have no idea how that happeend...


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