Seagate ST39173N 9.1GB Narrow SCSI Drive failure

Pete Turnbull pete at
Wed Oct 13 03:00:50 CDT 2010

Doc wrote:
> Mark Wickens wrote:
>> My (limited) diagnostic skills would point towards a drive motor 
>> controller failure, or less likely sticking heads. Given that the 
>> drive has been powered down and up on a number of occasions without 
>> issue I'm thinking it is probably a controller failure rather than a 
>> head problem, but I'm open to alternative opinions.
>   I've gotten my data off of more than one SCSI drive by freezing it and 
> whacking it.  Let it stabilize in the freezer for a few hours, drop it 
> flat from a foot or so, and plug it in *quickly* to a system that can 
> take a backup.
>   It's a one-shot deal - that's invariably been the last time the drive 
> spun up.

Useful, I agree, and often successful, though one should remember to 
check that the electronics aren't covered in condensation when you power 
it up :-)

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