at&t unix pc

Eric Smith eric at
Thu Oct 14 15:51:44 CDT 2010

Ethan wrote:
>> I never got to the stage of having a reliable driver.
> Ah.  Out of curiosity, did you happen to write it from scratch or did
> you have existing UNIX 5380 drivers to "borrow" from?

I was working from scratch, and was finding debugging to be exceedingly 
difficult.  These days it would be somewhat easier as I have a good 
logic analyzer I could hook up to the MC68010.  (An in-circuit emulator 
would be even better.)

> Perhaps a CPU-socket design is worth considering.  64 pin DIP sockets
> are still available.  ;-)
Yes, and there is enough clearance (barely) to fit such a thing in, 
though the MC68010 might have to be soldered in place as their might not 
be enough clearance for socketed components on the daughterboard.


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