Oldest original proper computer (stored program etc)

Roger Holmes roger.holmes at microspot.co.uk
Mon Oct 18 06:27:08 CDT 2010

> From: Jochen Kunz <jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de>
>> I'm not counting the Zuse in Germany as its not a stored program
>> machine, and anyway I'm not sure if it is a replica or the original.
> What Zuse you are refering to? There are "many".
> The Z22 at the ZKM sholud be complete and and operable. (If the people
> at the ZKM have not ruined the machine meanwhile.) It is tube based and
> was build 1958. It is a stored program machine for sure. Main memory is
> a drum with 8192 words. It is original and has been kept in working
> condition most if its lifetime.

I was referring to a wartime machine, I think it was Z4 with external tape program. As far I recall it can't do loops and uses relay logic. More of a programmable calculator than a computer.

Any idea how often Z22 is actually powered up and run? I must read up on it.

Thanks for replying.

Roger Holmes.

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