PDP-8/L lamps

Vincent Slyngstad v.slyngstad at frontier.com
Tue Oct 19 18:18:32 CDT 2010

> So where would I get exact equivalents for the 8-L bulbs these days ?
> around 10 pcs needed.....

"Exact" would be tricky, as the 10V bulbs don't seem to be manufactured any 
However, the CM7371/CEC7371 should work fine and is available from 
and from Mouser.  (Oddly, it looks like Farnell ships them from the USA but 
they cost
less if ordered from Farnell, rather than Newark.)

If you have old panels around, the originals are the ones with the blue 
base.  They
were used in the 8/E bulb panels, as well as other DEC gear.  They may be 
OL-2 on the base.  The CM2309 was an exact equivalent for the OL-2, and I've 
those in old panels too.  (I've also seen others, often wildly the wrong 
bulb for the


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