IBM 2.88MB floppy drive (64F0204 / 72X6101 / Mitsubishi MF356C-799MA) pinout

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at
Thu Oct 28 15:11:59 CDT 2010

Hi guys,

I'm pretty sure someone posted this on-list in the past (possibly
Chuck?), but I can't find it in my local archive or on the list archive...

I've got a Mitsubishi MF356C-799MA disc drive, part number 72X6101. This
is apparently a 2.88MB disc drive from an IBM PS/2, and was (near as I
can tell) also sold as an FRU under part number 64F0204. Here's where
the confusion starts: it uses a single 34-pin connector for both power
and data.

I found this site:
And another page with similar information:

These give the 34-pin interface pinouts, including the details for the
Electronic Eject drive (the 92F0132, aka Sony MP-F40W-07 / MFD-40W-05)
and a stern warning to leave pin 6 (+12V) open...

Catch is there's nothing about Data Rate Select on pin 2 (which appears
to be 0V for 720K and 1.44MB, or high/floating for 2.88MB), or the Media
Type ID and Drive Type ID pins.

Basically what I want to do is put this drive in a PC, format a couple
of 2.88MB discs, then wire it up to the DiscFerret and make sure the
acquisition engine and decoder can handle the higher data rate. The
timing analyser and simulator say it should work, but I'd actually like
to see it working :)

classiccmp at

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