TRS-80 Model II Manuals

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Oct 30 16:07:02 CDT 2010

> On 30 Oct 2010 at 19:47, Tony Duell wrote:
> > ...And if they;'re not, it's most likelyto be the drive belt. Yes I
> > know 'up to speed' wasn't meant to be taken literally, but that seemed
> > too good to miss :-)
> Well, he could have a 220V 50Hz model and be running it on 120V 60Hz 
> (the motor will develop sufficient torque to spin the disk). I've 
> made that mistake once.  The results from the reverse would be 
> "interesting"...

Actaully, a lot of the 8" drives I have have 120V motors, but of course 
the right pulleys for 50Hz mains. They are run from an 
(auto)transformer, often the primary winding of the syatem mains transformer.

So I suppose he could have something like that :-)


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