Need to find parts 82S23 / 74S188

ben bfranchuk at
Sat Oct 30 16:35:42 CDT 2010

On 30/10/2010 3:21 PM, Tony Duell wrote:

> IIRC, this is a PROM, 32*8 I think. Do you have a copy of the data to
> program into it? A blank chip is not a lot of use to you otherwise...

You can get proms burned here:

Does the output have to Open Collector?
I was thing of substituting a 32x8 tristate prom.

> Also while all the derives you've mentioned are I think compatible when
> being read (that is, as they are normally used in the circuit), the
> programming algorithms are different for differnet manufacturers. You need
> to get one that your programmer can handle
> -tony

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