WTD -- ST506 style (MFM or RLL) hard drive and controller

jim s jws at jwsss.com
Wed Sep 1 13:49:13 CDT 2010

>> Hi guys,
>> I'm toying with the idea of doing an MFM/RLL hard drive bolt-on for the=20
>> DiscFerret (seeing as the DF hardware is basically done now -- I'm just=20
>> doing a final design check before I send the PCBs off for manufacturing).
>> Problem is, I don't have a drive to play with.
>> Does anyone have any or all of the following kicking around?
>>     - MFM or RLL hard drives. I could do with one or two of these;=20
>> anything's good, as long as it has an ST506-style interface (that is,=20
>> straight MFM/RLL with no funny business) and is believed to work. I'm=20
>> ideally aiming for something "of reputable manufacture" -- so not a=20
>> Kalok Octagon!
> Alas not. Well, actually, I have a number od such drives, but I have even
> more classic computers that use them. So nothing 'spare'
>>     - Cable kit for the above. So that's the Data and Control cables --=20
>> edge connector to IDC plug.
> Err, the connectors are still avaialble (easily...) So is IDC ribbon
> cable. And I assume you own a metalwork vice, since it's so useful for
> other things. Which means you could make the cables in less time that
> it's taken me to type this.
>>     - MFM/RLL controller to match the drive. Anything goes here -- e.g.=20
>> Western Digital WD100x series, DTC, Omti... as long as I can make it=20
> What do you want as the host computer interface? I am pretty sure I can
> find the odd ISA bus one, but what would you use that with?
> -tony
I have an ST 225 / 238 that I have no particular use for.  I'm in Los 
Angeles.  It was a trophy at the local Goodwill Computer works, and I 
relieved them of it.  I don't know where it came from, nor do I have a 
matching system to run it on at the moment.

However it is not going to have priceless data from some system I know 
of on it, so no data or other attachment to it.  Might be nice to drain 
it, but one has to do what one has to do to develope the first of 
anything, so wiping it out isn't a real big problem.


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