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Sun Sep 5 08:07:18 CDT 2010

On Sat, 4 Sep 2010, Jim Stephens wrote:

> I was looking for other things in the IBM area, and stumbled across a store 
> with a lot of cheap (by classic computing standards) stuff.
> this Adaptec SCSI to Qic-36 is $24 + 10 shipping, as an example 330221339704
> If you have a lot of time, there a lot of parts such as some PS2 controller, 
> and so forth if you look thru the entire store.  I made it 4 pages (800 
> items) before I got tired tonight, but will look at more.
> The PS2 to QIC was $5 bucks for instance.
> If anyone has dealt with the vendor, post here if you like good or bad.
> I'm local to the place and may track them down and see if they will let the 
> public noodle thru their pile.
> Jim

I have brought stuff from him a few times, quick delivery and good 
packing, and not fuzzy about having to send it to me here in Denmark.
Brough some mfm/rll to scsi adaptors and mfm 8bit isa controllers from 


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