Diablo 30 disks and failure

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Sep 17 13:20:40 CDT 2010

> >The Perq was the result of a visit (sabbatical?) at Xerox PARC
> >by one of the principals of Three Rivers Computer, much like
> >the way Lilith originated from Wirth's experiences there.... --Bill
> Ah, hah! Do I correctly surmise that the correct pronunciation of 
> "Perq" is /park/ = [pahrk] (cf dictionary.com "park") and not /p3rk/ 
> = [purk] (cf dictionary.com, "perk") ?

Hmmm.. I've always heard it prodounced as 'purk'.... But 'park' would 
have a certain logic to it, based on the ancestry, I guess...

Pascal Evaluation Really Quickly :-)

[Note, I have also heard 'Execution' rather than 'Evaluation' and 'Real 
Quick' at the end...]


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