Advice for scanning docs

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Sep 28 14:20:50 CDT 2010

> > When I was scanning for Al with his Ricoh scanners, I had to do the page at a 
> > time trick.  I prepared each manual by fanning it, and making sure each page 
> > was free, then just fed each page.  Sadly not being able to put in a manual 
> > and go away.
> <sigh>..  I had a feeling that was the only reliable answer.  It's 
> slightly less painful than repeatedly laying the pages into a flatbed 
> scanner, though.

It probably doesn';t save any time or work, but what happens if you turn 
every other page through $\pi$ (keeping it the same face up) so that the 
holes/'cones' can't interlock throughout the stack. And then convince the 
software to roate every otehr scan back again.


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