WTD: 8-inch floppy drive

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Tue Mar 1 19:35:39 CST 2011

Tony Duell wrote:
 > AFAIK, SA801s have one PCB which includes the read/write chain and
 > stepepr controlelr, etc. There is no spindle motor controller, of 

Philip Pemberton wrote:
 > Indeed. The one I saw had the wires hacked off at various points (!)
 > and the PCB was completely gone. Something like that is worth scrap
 > value at best...

Tony wasn't saying that the spindle motor controller had been removed.  
He was pointing out that such a drive by design has no spindle motor 
controller, since it uses an AC motor.  If you spend time looking for an 
SA801 with an intact spindle motor controller, you'll be looking for a 
very long time.

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