WTD: 8-inch floppy drive

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 2 12:52:39 CST 2011

> IIRC the tandon TM-848-2 drives use 24VDC motors...  I always liked them
> better than the shugart drives.

I did say 'Most' 8" drives have AC mains motors, not 'all' :-).

24V DC motors with some kind of electrronic speed control was an option 
on some other drives too. I have a pair of drives made by a company 
called 'Elcomatic' nad according to the service manual, a 24V DC motor 
was an option on those. Mine have 240V 50Hz motors though.

One other nice featuroe of these drives is a slotted optoswtich near the 
head carrarriage that changes state at cylinder 43. This is used (I think 
it's a jumper-selected option) to reduce the write current, so you don't 
need to provide the TG43 signal from the controller. Very handy if you're 
using them with a PC/AT controller ;-)


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