HP 9000 series 200 emulator

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 5 15:20:06 CST 2011

> For the SS80 protocol in a microcontroller, it could be done easelly.
> If you look at hp-7908.c file, there is very few microsoft dependancy
> (only writing and reading from a file which should be replaced by reading
> and writing to an sd card) the rest is just 2 circular buffers (it could be one

OK, thanks. I will take a look at this when I have some spare time.

> of 9 bits data), a state machine and some functions to read and write to the
> buffers.

I haev read the specifications for Amigo and CS/80, and they didn't look 
_that_ complciated. P

> Read and write from those buffers will be the more delicate to make because
> they should completely implement the 3 wires handshake of HPIB.

And I presume I'd have to impleemtn the low-level HPIB stuff, like SRQs, 
controller commands, addressing, etc. From what I rememebr, at least one 
fo the protocols uses secondary addresses in a very odd way.

> By looking at picture from hpmuseum.net, i think that every model got
> is own charset
> as they don't share the same size of charcell on display.

I suspect you're right. Does this mean you want me to dump all the 
character generator ROMs in the end?

> 9816 got one, 9826 another one, 9836 & 9836C certainly the same, 9837
> another one

I would not bet that hte 9836A nad 9836C are the same. They probably are, 
but the rest of the video system is very different so it's entirely 
possible that hte ROM changed too.

I am pretty sure the 98204A (TV rate, used in the 9920 and 50960 [1]) and 
98204B (faster (22kHz?) horizontal scan rate, drives a special HP monitor 
[2] and used in the 9817) have different character generator ROMs.

[1] The little SRM network server in the same case as the 9817. It's 
closelt related ot the 9000/200 machines. 

[2] Actually made by Samsung in Korea. It;'s one of the few HP devices 
witha 'K' i nthe serial number. It also doesn't 'feel' like an HP device 
to work on. 


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