HP 9000 series 200 emulator

Olivier De Smet olivier.2.smet at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 13:24:58 CST 2011

For the SS80 protocol in a microcontroller, it could be done easelly.
If you look at hp-7908.c file, there is very few microsoft dependancy
(only writing and reading from a file which should be replaced by reading
and writing to an sd card) the rest is just 2 circular buffers (it could be one
of 9 bits data), a state machine and some functions to read and write to the

Read and write from those buffers will be the more delicate to make because
they should completely implement the 3 wires handshake of HPIB.

On the emulator I only made the 3 wire hanshake for controller to instrument
it was enough.

By looking at picture from hpmuseum.net, i think that every model got
is own charset
as they don't share the same size of charcell on display.

9816 got one, 9826 another one, 9836 & 9836C certainly the same, 9837
another one

>From the various doc I read, I think the HP898204A and HP898204B
should have the
same charset (but who knows) as the 9836.


2011/3/5 Tony Duell <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk>:
>> The GPL V3.0 licence is included in the source archive of course.
>> For the other project, someone already get the verilog HP86 in FPGA I
>> have on my site
>> to try to make this kind of stuff for amigo protocol.
>> For fpga, I use a digilent evaluation board and the free tools from
>> xillinx (they exists for windows and linux)
>> The source for the whole HP86+HP9121/HP9895+serial line in verilog is
>> gpl too ....
>> It not very complicated, just some componentt to adjust levels, some
>> buffers to map
>> the inout nature of HPIB lines into IN part and OUT part for the fpga
>> (it better this way),
> I was thinking that it should be fairly straightforward to bit-bang HPIB
> through the port pins of a microcontorller (HP did this in some of their
> machines, the 98034 uses an HP custom Nanocontroller chip, and IIRC the
> 82169 uses an 8049with an HP buffer chip). That microcontroller could
> also handle the SS/80 protocol and SD card interfce.
> Of course an FGPA could do those things too, so if somebody wants to make
> a version fo this in an FPGA that would be great.
>> Btw as you 'distmantle' regularly your series 200 machines, do you
>> think if it is possible to dump the
>> rom of the character generators in the alpha part of the display board ?
> Sure. The ones that would be easiest for me to get to are the 9836C
> (colour) and HP98204B (video card in the HP9817). I think I couldget to
> an HP898204A card too. Do you want more than one character generator
> dump, or is any one OK. Given the choice I'd rather do one of the 98204
> ones, simply becasue it's easier to pull a DIO card and desolder the ROM
> than it is to dismantle a 9836 far enoguh to extract the video boards,
> but either is possible.
> -tony

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