Free: Stack of Victor or Sirius floppy disks

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Mar 7 12:16:19 CST 2011

On 7 Mar 2011 at 8:24, Gene Buckle wrote:

> Didn't Chuck Peddle design the Sirius?  It would explain the
> commonality in features between its drives and the Commodore drives.

I believe so, but it was called the Victor 9000 initially (and here 
in the US)--and I believe in the same area where Al Shugart was 
getting Seagate going.  I remember that you could see the Victor 
building as you were going through Scotts Valley on highway 17.  The 
name of the company was originally Sirius, but was changed to Victor 
after the merger with the Victor Business Products division (remember 
the Victor Comptometer?) of Kidde (the fire extinguisher maker) who 
was the chief source of capital for Peddle's venture.

The early years were a storm of legal squabbling over names.  
Peddle's Sirius Systems Technology lost a lawsuit by Sirius Software 
over the firm name.  The new Victor then went about suing anyone in 
the electronics business who was using the name Victor (including a 
fellow running a TV and appliance store who had used the name for 30 

A typical Silicon Valley riches-to-rags story.  The firm lasted less 
than 5 years.

There was a prevalent myth that an innovator, once successful, could 
repeat history.  Anyone remember Gene Amdahl and how fast he burned 
through venture capital with WSI?


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