Digital archiving tools

Shoppa, Tim tshoppa at
Wed Mar 9 15:32:03 CST 2011

> On 3/9/11 10:19 AM, Richard wrote:
>> In article<4D77C151.90005 at>,
>>      Al Kossow<aek at>  writes:
>>> I made a decision a long time ago that the primary mode of storage would
>>> either be media images or uncompressed archive files (tar, or uncompressed
>>> zip, mostly).
>> Just out of curiosity: why uncompressed?
>> Is it so that localized corruption of the archives doesn't preclude
>> extraction of the remaining contents?
> exactly.

OTOH I keep all of my images compressed, precisely because I want to know if any copy has been corrupted.

(And I md5sum them as well out of FUD).

If I find out that any storage media or storage bus is silently corrupting my data without error messages... I would rather know that sooner than later.


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