BIOS/Clock battery replacement

Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Wed Mar 9 21:47:13 CST 2011

The CR2032's are 3v, but its of no huge difference, generally the drop 
off voltage for the memory retaining will be around 1.8-2.0v's so you 
should be totally fine, what is on the board or was on the board 
previously?      Volts are important but the millamps to allow it to 
last longer are actually more important, you may want to consider 
putting them in parallel if what was there is a higher ma amount   

Also, check and see if what was there is no a rechargeable cell because 
if so, you'll have to put a diode into the circuit to keep the power 
from backwashing into the battery and damaging it, LiON button batteries 
like the CR series are not rechargeable and youll damage it if the 
current battery is setup to be a rechargeable....

Hollandia at wrote:
> One of my computers is a 486SX. The soldered-in battery is apparently
> failing; after a period of power-off, the time is badly off at re-start. The
> date and BIOS are so far unaffected.
> The motherboard has provision for an off-board battery. I am thinking of
> using a socketed CR2032 battery which I believe is rated at 3 volts. The
> manual for the computer describes the off-board battery as 3.6 volts.
> Is it asking for trouble to use a 3v rather than a 3.6v battery? If so,
> where are the 3.6v batteries available?
> Thanks,
> Kurt

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