Chip storage - Was: 40 pin DIP chip tubes?

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at
Thu Mar 10 21:12:09 CST 2011

--- On Thu, 3/10/11, Eric Smith <eric at> wrote:
> "Side-brazed".
> However, when the leads break off or fall off due to
> corrosion, at least you can (relatively) easily come up with
> a replacement.  When the leads break off of a DIP with
> a normal lead frame, it often is right at or even inside the
> point that the lead exits the package body, and is much more
> difficult to replace. Through carelessness with a logic
> analyzer probe I accidentally broke off a lead from an ASIC
> in an old system, and there was no way to get a replacement
> other than to buy another used machine. A friend surprised
> me by succeeding at repairing it with conductive epoxy.

On plastic DIP package chips, you can get away with chipping away at the plastic package itself, since the actual die is very tiny - most of the chip is simply plastic and leadframe. You can chisel back a bit, and get some metal to solder to. I've had to do this on Namco custom chips used on 80's arcade games, where the legs corrode and fall off. In that case, it's crummy materials that corrode, not environmental problems.


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