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>>>> Friends don't let friends store their archives on a media that
>>>> requires physical contact with a read/write head.

>>> Yow. That's hard-core!

>> Not if you've seen a disc platter after a head crash.  (Hi Rich! :-)

> Since whehen has a hard drive required physical ocntact between the media 
> and the read/write head?

Hard drives do not, although floppy drives do.

In any case, the original statement was in the context of magnetic tape
as a preservation medium.  (I think that was Al Kossow.)  Mag tape also
requires physical contact between head and medium.

> In fact it's when such contact takes place that uyou have problems ;-)

And that's what Richard (to whom you were responding--I really wish you'd
include identifiers in your quoted material) was talking about.  He was
here at the museum last Friday, and saw our little set piece for visitors
about storage media, which includes an RP06P disk pack that underwent a
massive head crash.

There are 5 or 6 platters with large bare-to-the-aluminum rings on them.
We tell the visitors (truthfully) that we never found all the bits of the
heads which crashed.

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