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Mon Mar 14 11:46:12 CDT 2011

On Sat, 12 Mar 2011, Huw Davies wrote:
> OK, I have a little information about MONECS (Monash University
> Educational Computing System). This was a joint project between Monash
> University and Digital Equipment Australia. It consisted of a card
> reader - using mark sense or the push out the chad with a paper clip
> cards (do these cards have a real name?),

"Port-A-Punch Cards" was ONE 1958 IBM name for them.
But, "Port-A-Punch" was also used to refer to the little jig for holding
the cards while pokiing out the holes with a stylus.  CBS even had some
success with reading Port-A-Punch cards after they had a stamp glommed
onto them and wenth through NYC post offices!

They were deliberately identical dimensions to "normal" IBM punched cards,
other than using 40 columns (every other one) to maintain a little more
physical strength.

I remember a trivial homework assignment of writing a program to read the
"double-spaced" Port-A-Punch cards, and output "normal" cards using the
first 40 columns.  'course it would be just as easy to wire up a
plug-board for the card duplicaotr.

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