FS: TRS-80 Model 16 & 6000

Josh Dersch derschjo at mail.msu.edu
Sat Mar 12 20:22:57 CST 2011

Hey all --

I'm attempting to clear out some space and fund a wildly-out-of-control 
car restoration project, so I'm looking at parting with some of my 
TRS-80 gear.  This stuff is in Seattle.

I have both a Model 16 and a Model 6000.  Here's the stats (some of the 
details are from memory, if you want 100% confirmation, let me know and 
I can clarify).

Model 16:

- Technically a Model 6000 (has the 6000 CPU board installed)
- 768K of RAM
- 5.25" hard drive controller
- 20MB hard disk (in 12MB enclosure) with Xenix 1.3 installed
- Two half-height 8" drives
- In great shape, everything is working great, monitor is crisp & clear.

Model 6000:
- I believe it has at least 512K of RAM
- 5.25" hard drive controller
- Two half-height 8" drives
- Another 20MB hard disk, with Xenix 1.3 (never did find a complete set 
of 3.0 disks...)
- In good shape, but missing the back panel covering the expansion slots
- Keyboard is... very rough.  Keys need to be refoamed and it's very 
beat up.

In addition, I have a pile of manuals and software (somewhere around 100 
8" floppies with all sorts of random stuff) and a couple extra external 
hard drive enclosures (without drives).  I also have an external 8mb 8" 
hard drive (but it's a secondary drive, so you'll need another 8" drive 
with controller to run it).

Anyone interested?  Make me an offer.  I'll consider shipping for really 
really good offers, but there's a *lot* of heavy stuff here so it's not 
going to be cheap -- obviously I'd much prefer local pickup.  I'd be 
willing to drive a ways to meet someone halfway.


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