Manuals / jumper map for NEC FD1165 with G9NYB PCB

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri Mar 18 21:46:13 CDT 2011

On 19 Mar 2011 at 1:43, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> On 19/03/11 01:20, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> > Given the early date, I wonder if the S16 wasn't a re-badged NEC
> > PC9801E?
> >
> > What color is the faceplate?  If it's not black, but beige, that
> > would go toward confirming my suspicions.
> Yep -- beige faceplate, with a dark grey latch handle.
> The text on the drive's model number plate is:
> MODEL       FD1165 S
> P/N         134-100390-121-0		  [121 is handwritten]
> SERIAL NO   162774      MFG DATE 1982/12  [12 is handwritten]
> [ NEC logo ]    Nippon Electric Co. Ltd.
>                    MADE IN JAPAN

I found a mention on a Japanese PC collector's website:

Scroll down a bit and you'll see your FD1165S.  He seems to be saying 
that this was part of the PC8881 external drive box used with the 
early PC9801 (which had no internal drives), but originally marketed 
for the 8-bit PC8801:

Maybe someone has a manual for this thing...


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