Faulty Apple Lisa 2/10 Drive - No longer an issue

Terry Stewart terry at webweavers.co.nz
Mon Mar 21 19:11:14 CDT 2011


Well I had a crack at looking at the hall effect devices in the two faulty 
drives.  Under the scope, there didn't seem to be anything unusual.  All 
hall effect devices showed a similar AC waveform in all circumstances with 
nothing appearing unusual or very different about any of them?

Although it would be good to know exactly what was wrong, further diagnosis 
is no longer necessary.  John Woodall, whom I bought the X\Profile card off, 
has generously sent me a replacement drive (and a couple of spares), for the 
cost of shipping only!    THANK YOU John.

I tried them two of them out yesterday and they are fine.  My two Lisas are 
now up and running.

The project is still not quite complete.  I'd like to get some 
rubber/plastic "feet' for the Lisas (they are missing their original ones) 
and the keys on one of the keyboards are a kind of olive colour.  Some 
retr0brighting might be called for I think.

Of course it would be great to have a Profile drive too, to turn my 
hard-driveless Lisa from a Lisa 2 to a Lisa 2/5 but I think that's just 
wishful thinking.  (-:

Many thanks Tony for all the help you've given me, and the general support 
from this mailing list.

Terry (Tez)

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>> Well, that doesn't sound too hard.  I'll give it a crack!
>> No, I don't own a scope but I do have access to one occasionally.  At the
>> moment the scope is back with the owner and he's away so I might not be 
>> able
>> to tackle this until next month.  But..there is no hurry.  It's not like 
>> I
>> have to use my second Lisa for any urgent purpose.  This is a hobby and
>> there is plenty to keep me busy in the meantime.
> Sure. I find it's best to always have serveral projects 'on the go' so
> that if I am held up with one (lack of parts, tools, test gear, info,
> etc) I can get on with something else.
> In any case, when you get access to a 'scope, let me/us know and I'll
> give you some more information...
> -tony

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