ANN: DiscFerret R0031 Microcode and C API 1.1r1

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at
Mon Mar 21 21:00:46 CDT 2011

Hi guys,

I've just uploaded the DiscFerret R0031 Microcode and a new version of 
the C API (libDiscFerret) to the DiscFerret website:

Changes include:

* Microcode 0031
   - Add a "track 0 reached during seek" status bit. This is cleared 
when a seek begins, and set if the seek operation was terminated because 
the TRACK0 input went active.
   - Fix some issues with "over-seeking" (in some cases, the DiscFerret 
could send a seek pulse even though TRACK0 was active).

* Libdiscferret 1.1r1
   - Add support for the "track 0 reached during seek" status bit
   - Add support functions for disc seeking: set seek rate, recalibrate, 
seek relative and seek absolute. These remove the need to play 
bit-twiddling games with the various seek controller registers: simply 
figure out which track you want, and tell the library to seek to that track.

The register changes have been ported to the Python API, but the seek 
functions have not. "Porting these functions to Python is left as an 
exercise to the reader."

I'm still working on a proper C-API tutorial, but the Doxygen 
documentation should be enough to figure out the basics.

Last but not least, in case you missed my "King of the Lab" comment 
earlier this week -- I've got a working pinout for the NEC 8in floppy 
drive used in the early-PC98-series external drive box. You also have to 
flip a jumper... I know, real difficult :)
Details on how to make this work with a DiscFerret will be posted 
"soon". As in, as soon as I figure out how to create a fairly nice 
looking, readable pin-connection diagram...

Comments, bug reports and feature requests are, as always, welcome.

classiccmp at

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