KLH10 Status / any1 tried to compile on Windows?

Wolfgang Eichberger oe5ewl at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 13:39:09 CDT 2011

Seems to be pretty all in C. I imported the whole project in Visual C
already and am tweaking around. Huge parts should compile relative
easy, currently I'm into the networking sections. I believe it could
be ported, it's just a matter of time. I try to leave the source
original as much as possible, just doing extensions. If I've got
enough time in the evenings (depends a bit of my little kiddies) I
assume a timeframe of a couple of weeks to get a decent compiler run
without serious errors.

Any suggestions tipps and tricks are welcome :D

I'm doing this because of my interest in technology, especially the
hardware emulation stuff.


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2011/3/22 Richard <legalize at xmission.com>:
> In article <CC28F43ED4708D489ABCF68D06D7F55604243E422D at 505DENALI.corp.vnw.com>,
>    Rich Alderson <RichA at vulcan.com> writes:
>> The usual stated goal is to port it to Windows rather than the CygWin
>> crypto-Unix environment.  That's a lot harder, it would seem, [...]
> I'm not familiar with the KLH-10 source code, but for an old school
> emulator I can't imagine it doing anything more fancy than stdio.  Is
> it C or C++?  What makes it hard to port?
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