Free: Various Mac gear (Seattle)

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sat Mar 26 16:58:56 CDT 2011

As I continue to clean, I continue to unearth stuff I no longer have too 
much of a need for.  For example, I have no idea why I have 10 
classic-form-factor Macintoshes.  Sure, they're cute, but perhaps ten is 
too many?  Perhaps you would like one of them?  Here they are:

- Mac 512Ke - Needs repair (analog board needs some TLC).  Someone at 
some point hacked the rear case up in order to fit a Mac Plus 
motherboard in there (different port arrangement).  Otherwise, a fine 
looking Mac (yellowed as they all seem to be.)  I can provide this with 
both the 512K board and the Plus board, if you want.

- Mac SE - No hard drive or floppy, analog board needs repair, serious 
screen burn-in, and the case is fairly yellowed.  No case screws. Looks 
like 4mb of memory.

- Mac Classic - In great shape (no yellowing), 4mb RAM, 80mb drive, 
currently has System 7.5 on it.  Screen size vacillates a bit on disk 
access, perhaps a power supply problem?

- Mac Classic II - In great external condition (no yellowing at all) but 
shows signs of bad RAM at startup (vertical bars on the display).  I 
cannot find my mac-cracking Torx wrench or I'd open it up and verify 
what it's got in it.  Screen looks nice, drive spins up...

I also have a pair of spare Mac SE boards.  I do not know if they work, 
but I see no reason why not.  They look to be fully populated with 4mb 
RAM, each.

No keyboards or mice are included with these (oddly enough, I find 
myself without any to spare...)

Anyone interested?  I'll be donating these to RE-PC in Seattle next 
weekend if there are no interested parties here.  I'd prefer local 
pickup, but I could probably be convinced to ship these, since they're 
pretty small and easy to pack...

- Josh

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